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We were recently scattered travelers, people who without knowing it had something in common: the love for their city. “Who

we are ”: this is the section of the site that most of all I struggled to

create. 'Who we are ' presupposes the existence of

a group, a 'we ”. What ì others, to whom I have submitted my work and my ideas, have spoken in my place and given their judgment that I,

with great hesitation, leave to your reading. As for me, I think this is the best answer to the question 'who we are ':

We are a set of dreams, souls, hearts,

ideas, passions and skills . We are the desire to make it, once again. 

Alfredo Luciani

“We became a 'WE', a team, when a man shared his dream, his vision with us, infecting us with his passion, inspiring us with his values, his honesty à and his courage. È thanks

to the emotional charge, the determination, the desire to rebuild and start again that Alfredo managed to transmit to us, that we woke up from the static numbness that

trapped us. to roll up our sleeves and try to do our best to awaken Chieti from its long sleep”.


“Alfredo should have written this page talking about himself and how this adventure was born.

It should have been him ... if he wasn't modest and not self-centered enough.

In the absence of the autobiographical notes of Alfredo, creator, creator and promoter of this initiative, we decided to turn to "what they say about him" and let the people who in recent months have seen their esteem for him grow ”.


"What struck me about Alfredo was his ability to listen and understand people to the point of sensing their suffering".


' If I had to describe it in one word I would say 'cultured '; speaks with full knowledge of the facts, revealing a surprisingly large amount of knowledge".


"Alfredo is full of enthusiasm and has the ability to transmit the necessary determination to get up and start over. He managed to revive in me the hope of a better tomorrow for our city".

P .

"Alfredo is full of enthusiasm and has the ability to transmit the necessary determination to get up and start over. He managed to revive in me the hope of a better tomorrow for our city".

P .


A container, no matter how capacious and no matter how beautiful, is nothing more than air bounded by walls: useless.To each of the friends who have helped me in the creation of I cannot but dedicate words of thanks.They have all been my spur and my guide; sincere and constructive critics, bearers of the knowledge and information that constitute the foundation of this work, indispensable for the purpose for which it was conceived.My gratitude to them, and to all the others, I hope many, who will want to make their contribution so that this website can continue to grow and stay updated.

(In alphabetical order)

- Raffaele Bigi Passionate lover and encyclopedic connoisseur of Chieti, meticulous and tireless scholar. His love for the city, and the hope of seeing it flourish again, moved his generosity to the point of allowing me to use his knowledge. His eye has photographed Chieti for years in every its most remote ravine, his hand has written incomparable pages on the city and his heart will always beat fast for every initiative that can enhance Theate.

- Patrizia D'Agostino Strenuous defender of Chieti, connoisseur of all the political mechanisms and of the Palace, of the city that she loves and respects, of its treasures and its infinite possibilities of rebirth.

To safeguard the good of Chieti I could not have found a better sentinel and wise and disinterested adviser.

- Antonia Di Ciurcio Critical eye, practical spirit, refined taste and aesthetic sense, spirit of initiative and courage.

Much in the design and functionality of this website has its touch, and only its driving enthusiasm could draw others into this endeavor. Each element has been inspected, tested and finally approved by her.

- Manuela Odorisio Paone Inexhaustible energy source, tireless spur, mine of ideas and irrepressible enthusiasm.

Deep connoisseur of the dynamics of the human spirit and conscience, lover of the city that gave her origins too; he showed me limits that my eye did not see, always showing me the best way to overcome them or stopping me when it was appropriate not to cross them.

- Marino Valentini Nobody knows where he gets the information for the most unknown, curious and interesting news about Chieti remains a mystery.

A meticulous and mischievous connoisseur of Theate's millennial history, its places and monuments, he is a pen full of style and subtle irony. His love for the city easily convinced him to lend me his enormous wealth of knowledge to enrich and make the pages of our website unique with gleanings and curiosities about Chieti and its illustrious characters.


why visitachieti

Visitachieti was born with the idea of making the city of Chieti known as much as possible, rich in history, ancient archaeological finds and centers of culture.

This is how this website was born, halfway through a road between the blog and collective information, animated by the intention of providing the greatest number of useful and interesting information to citizens and, even more, to its tourists, on one of the

most beautiful cities in ’Italy: Chieti. A collector of news that, until now, were scattered everywhere and therefore, perhaps, difficult to find.

On you can also find photographs published by you, news, addresses and tips for spending make the most of your time, while staying in the city of Chieti.

You will find information relating to: Culture, Events, Museums, History, but also Food & Wine and Shopping. If you are in Chieti or Abruzzo, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the wonderful areas around to the city; after all you are just 10 minutes from the sea and a few kilometers from the magnificent mountains of Abruzzo, and the villages of our province are at least as beautiful as the ancient Theate.

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