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The time machine

The changes that time has brought to the city of Chieti, immortalized in old and modern photographic finds compared, to show the current generations what our city was like.

Old Chieti - Massimo Rabottini's photografic collection

Corso Marrucino

 by Massimo Rabottini

Corso Marrucino (formerly Corso Ferdinando Galiani), is the main street of the city, it start in Piazza Trento e Trieste (better known as Piazza Trinità), runs along Piazza Gian Battista Vico, continues in Piazza Gian Gabriele Valignani (better known as "the well ") and ends by crossing Via Arniense, in the heart of the Theatine historic city center. Dedicated to the Marrucini, an ancient ethnic group of warrior shepherds who founded and made the city great and established itself from the gorges of Popoli to the mouth of the Pescara river. Built at the end of 800 a.C., a tumultuous building period, to give the city a bigger, more linear and longer artery, inspired by the French boulevards.

It partially incorporates the ancient Roman road Ulpia.

It was achieved not without significant architectural sacrifices, the most important being the demolition of the Dominican monastic complex (church, cloister, vegetable garden, gardens) which created a relevant funnel. Ancient palaces and new ones, a symbol of power, overlooked it such as the gigantic building of the Bank of Italy and the building of the Government of the Province.

An ideal place for walks (which the Theatines call "struscio" or "vasca") and shopping where the best shops in the province overlook and overlooked but which, with the opening of big shopping centers, are unfortunately becoming fewer.


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The electric train station


Via Arniense


il quartiere trivigliano


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